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On a recent vacation to Kauai I was introduced to you products, I'm hooked now, as all your products are helping me!!! So many pretenders, this is the real deal....

-RN Tim

The Real Deal! :)

Aloha! I'm an adventure-tour guide and Shamanic Practitioner, and I've been using this Noni Fruit Leather for over two years for myself, my students, my clients, and my patients; with AMAZING results:
-After the first week of regular use, my overall energy and sense of well-being was noticeably enhanced.
-The adventure-tours I guide are usually very physically demanding, and after training like an Olympic Athlete for 15 years, my joints thanked me and went a little back in time once I was fully committed to the Noni regimen.
-I usually party pretty hard once a week, and Noni Fruit Leather has made a world of difference when it comes to recovery time.
-I'm pushing 40 years old, but people think I'm in my late 20s or early 30s :)
-Also my immune system has been substantially boosted and the daily regimen supports keeping my immune system strong.


Very satisfying results

While on Kauai this past April, my husband and I visited your farm. We were escorted from the highway to your paradise. We listened to the seminar thinking oh boy another snake oil sermon, but finally listening and speed reading some of the research I was able to upload while listening to the owner, we decided to buy a three month supply of the leather. When we got back to the condo, we started taking the leather as instructed. We stayed on the island for four days and back in California have just finished our supply with very satisfying results. So, I need to say this is no snake oil but the real thing. And I will continue to use and hope more benefits will occur. Thank you Steve! P.S. How is the Albatross ?

-Veronica K


So much better than noni juice!

I love your product. I have been using Noni for 6 months now, but like the Noni Leather the best. A friend advised Noni juice from Tahiti about 6 months ago. I had been using Noni-Juice Plus and Noni Pacific, both from Tahiti, but I found Noni leather to be significantly better. I use the lotion too on sore muscles. My entire life I have had stomach problems and have taken many prescription medicines, but none have worked as well as Noni. Noni gives me immediate and lasting relief. I bought the Noni-Pacific at Whole Foods and orders the Noni-Juice Plus from the internet. Both products, although aided my stomach, they also both constipated me. While visiting Hawaii, I purchased the Noni Fruit Leather and found it also aided my upset stomach immediately, and didn't have any negative side effects, as the other two had. Also, Noni juice is difficult to travel with, as it must be refrigerated. Noni leather can be taken anywhere and stored easily. I have found this to be the best Noni product that I have used and will continue to use Noni leather and lotion. Thank you for making such a great product!

-Susie Petrizzio


Thank you!

Arnie and I came and toured the farm on Sept. 21st. We learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you. We’ve been eating the Noni Fruit Leather ever since. We love the Noni fruit and its amazing properties. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with the public and for all that you do. We get to Kauai a couple of times a year and we will be back!

- Marcella


She thinks Noni is marvelous!!

I wanted to tell you about a friend of ours that just started Noni Fruit Leather. First she didn't want to chew it all- she was scared of the taste. But she told me this week that she holds it in her mouth for almost 30 minutes, letting it melt there. I was really shocked at this statement. Then she said she has had Hay Fever for years and her throat is always giving her trouble, but since she started this routine of letting the Noni melt in her mouth, her throat doesn't bother her anymore. She thinks Noni is marvelous!! Then she went on to say that when she had Noni in her mouth, her cat came over to her and sniffed her and meowed like she wanted some, too. My friend couldn't believe she would eat it because her cat hates fruit, just runs away from it. Well, now the cat is also eating the Noni Fruit Leather.



Massage therapist

This product is a must have!! Everyday since I have been taking noni I keep feeling better! My sleep has improved, my memory has improved, and I'm now holding my chiropractor adjustments longer, my energy has improved, the age clock is going back! Couldn't be more impressed or excited about the leather! Thank you so much!!

-Carol Trost


It works!

My spouse and I chew a little noni leather everyday. We've noticed our immune systems are stronger. We also tried the IcyHeat Noni Lotion on sore joints and muscles with excellent results. I love this stuff!

-Penny Stewart


Awesome results

Have been using icyheat noni lotion for a year now. Whenever I have aches and pain, it is my go to for relief. My 79 year old mom hooked too. Just bought noni leather, and I already feel better: my digestion has improved, and it has helped with bowel movements. I am a believer!



Tasks which were overwhelming to undertake have once again become possible.

Noni has changed my life. After hearing about Noni on our last trip to Kauai, I have tried both the lotion and the fruit leather. I have tried all categories of prescription pain relief and nothing worked.
IcyHeat Noni does! I felt immediate, significant effects in pain reduction for my osteoarthritis and and joint aches. Tasks which were overwhelming to undertake have once again become possible. Also, there is a mood enhancer effect which makes them enjoyable.

-Mark Bartholomew


I am amazed how FANTASTIC I have been feeling!!!

I met this wonderfully crazy lady at the coconut marketplace farmer's market in Kapaa. I tried a 2 x 2 piece of the Noni fruit leather & some of the IcyHeat Noni lotion on my low back, within minutes my aching back felt relief like never before! I have lots of inflammation and a few other problems so of course I bought a 4 months supply of Noni fruit leather, IcyHeat Noni lotion & the Noni Lavender lotion. I have used the lavendar lotion for just about everything including face cream at night. The IcyHeat Noni lotion is my lifesaver. I have been taking the Noni fruit leather twice a day as directed for a little over 30 days now & I am amazed how FANTASTIC I have been feeling!!! I am now & ALWAYS will be a lifetime Noni user...!!!! Thank you Hawaiian Organic Noni & that sweet crazy lady..! (I can't remember her name but she is AWESOME)

-Judi Goulart


My husband and I are very enthusiastic about the results 

On our recent trip to Hawaii we learned about Noni products while in Kapa'a from Taylor and purchased the fruit leather, icy heat lotion and the lavender lotion. We started using all 3 while on vacation. While in Lihu'e at a luau we met Christine and purchased more of the fruit leather. We have been using it for 2 weeks now and both my husband and I are very enthusiastic about the results we are seeing and feeling. I am using all 3 products and seeing and feeling results from all. We were unable to set up a personal tour of the farm on this trip but would definitely like to try next time we are on Kauai. Thank you for these amazing products!

-Barbara and David Kutz


Wonderful Organic Products

All of them! I keep the icyheat noni lotion in my desk at work for relief of low back pain and tension in the neck (from sitting in front of computer a lot ): The IcyHeat feels so great for the muscle aches when I overdo exercising or carrying groceries -- it gives immediate ease and I can get to sleep better. I take the fruit leather daily as an immune system booster, and the BioBandage is excellent protection here in the tropics. I would have a hard time picking a favorite, and I'm so glad I don't have to! Thanks again for making these wonderful natural products.

-Tammy Zielinski


Gives me my morning energy

It gives me morning energy. I appreciate all that you do to help people to be healthier. I visited the noni farm tour a year back.



Noni Leather Works Wonders - BEST PRODUCT

We went to Kauai last September and saw the Noni Leather and Noni lotions at the Farmers Market. We decided to go to the tour at the actual Noni Farm. The tour was very informative. I would recommend everyone to take that tour. We purchased the Noni Leather, Noni Lavender lotion and the IcyHeat Noni Lotion. I have sciatica and the IcyHeat Noni lotion have helped with the pain. Each day I take a 2X2 piece of Noni Leather. In November I took a blood test to check my cholesterol. For the last few months I had gone on vacation and wasn't eating as healthy as I usually do. I would recommend NONI to everyone. It has done WONDERS for me.

-Liz Wong


Thank you for making such an amazing product!

My name is Maggie Wise, from California. My husband & I were on your farm back on September 16th.. I have made up a fruit smoothie that I add my Noni leather to every morning! I use fresh fruit juice ( I prefer pineapple juice) frozen fruit (which I buy local, I cut up & freeze my self) then a tablespoon if Greek yogurt I add 2-1x1 squares of Noni and blend it up! It is super tasty & I get my Noni fix for the morning! Thank you for making such an amazing product!

-Maggie Wise


Must have item in anyone's first aid kit or health chest

As a Physical Therapist, I see a full spectrum of issues that people have. I often find myself telling my clients about how I have personally witnessed the health benefits of this particular brand of Noni. I rave about how gentle and effective this fruit is, in assisting the body stay healthy. If they then decide to try it on their own, I have only seen positive results. I call it a 'must have item in anyone's first aid kit or health chest'. I am very grateful to/for this natural product, as more and more people are asking for natural solutions. I pray this company will be able to keep up with the growing demand for this amazing product in the future.

-Narda Narvaez


The Best

I've tried many products with glowing reviews. This is the one that really works!!!



How Noni helped my digestion

This product saved my life! I had been struggling with stomach issues for over a year and a half, I tried so many different diets and then I went vegan which helped me so much but, it didn't fully clear it up. So, when I went to Kauai last April, we found the noni fruit leather and I have been taking it ever since and all of my symptoms are gone! I would love it if you guys went and checked out my youtube video where I talk about my experience with the noni and how it helped me! Here is the video link I hope you enjoy it: I hope that you all found this helpful! My youtube is: kdsveganvibes

Kady D'Agostini


I have seen great results with myself and the dogs

I am fostering a 12 years old Chihuahua. The day I received her I gave her noni leather in the morning and evening. This product is amazing because she is good as new. She no longer sleeps all day and runs with my pack of dogs. I believe she will live a long time with a quality life. I no longer see my doctor every 3 month. I see them every 6 month. I have recommended this product to many people because I have seen great results with myself and the dogs. Thank you

-Jean Verville


Love their Noni products!

My coworkers told me about your site so I bought both the lotion and the leather and I will be a returning customer. I love that it is organic, family owned farm, and of course all the health benefits. The leather is so portable and much better than the juice. Thank you again for such a great product!

-Linda Brooks


Thank you

I've been taking a 2" square daily for four years now (about time I wrote a testimonial!). It helps with boosting immunity and I swear, it helps keep my skin looking younger too. We've been sharing our story with friends for years. The fact that you create an organic, 100% fruit, easy-to-store-and-use product is just awesome! Thank you Mother Nature and thank you, Hawaiian Organic Noni!

-Micaela Brown


This is a great product!

We visited the farm in November, 2017. This was the first time we had been introduced to Noni products. We learned of the properties of Noni, at the farm and decided to start using Noni. Within 7 days something was missing in my life. It was the occurrence of reflux. Now, in May of 2018 I have not had an occurrence of reflux since our visit to the farm and I can sleep soundly. I still sleep with my head elevated however, I am convinced that Noni was the thing that changed my life. Thank God for Noni and the research that Steve and his team perform.

-Ralph Havinga


Your products are wonderful

Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful products. We brought the leathers, sport and lavender lotions. I'm using them on my upper back and neck. Finally after 4 plus years of agony, I'm feeling relief. I have not had to go to the chiropractor in a month. I've recommended the sports icy heat sport formula to my sister for her back pain. She was so impressed with it after one use, she ordered her own bottle today. Our little 14 year old Chihuahua absolutely loves her Noni leather treat. She gets 1 per day and begs for more. I can see a big difference in her gait and overall disposition in just 3 weeks. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful tour, I learned so much and appreciate all the hard work you do to produce this gem of a product. I will be reordering soon. Kind regards.

-D taylor


My whole family is AMAZED

We visited your farm in August of 2014. We bought some of ALL of your products.
Icy/Heat for sore muscles.
Noni lotion for general skin care.
Noni Leather as a supplement.
Bio bandage for pet Bulldog.
My wife and I truly feel that we DO FEEL better overall taking the leather.
Our Bulldog absolutely LOVES it and thinks it is a treat and Best of All he acts like a PUPPY again. Pretty amazing for a 6 yr old Bulldog.
Liver spots on my arms and hands have nearly disappeared, and my skin feels and looks much better now. My overall skin tone has gotten more even and healthy (I have quite FAIR skin).
The Noni lotion is put on by my wife and me just before we go to bed...We sleep wonderfully!
We've cut back on many other supplements that we were taking to help our overall health now that we have found NONI. Wonderful product with good results...Thank you!

-Mike Bailey


We both fell in love with the product

My girlfriend and I are in our early 30's and I myself am an organic farmer from California. We both fell in love with the product when Taylor first gave us a sample. We were lucky enough to catch the tour give by Dylan (Awesome guy) and we were just blown away by the amount of information, friendliness, and the all around love put into the property. We wanted to saw Aloha and Mahalo from the bottom of our hearts and that we appreciate the hard work and discipline. Keep up the great work and we will continue to purchase and spread the word about your incredible product.

-Jeff & Joanne


Love 'em!

We have used your products for several years and depend on them to keep us healthy and free of pain. Love 'em!

-Gordon and Tina Sanders