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Pain in the Neck? Try Noni!

By: Lola Frailey Wednesday October 3, 2018 comments Tags: noni for pain, noni for muscles, organic pain relief

Worked overtime at the office?

Overdid it at the gym?

Woke up stiff this morning?

Sore/stiff muscles are normal. One can usually return to normal activities after a day or two of rest. However, if you have recurring muscle pain especially in the neck or back area you may have a trigger point.

What is a Trigger Point?

Trigger points are muscle fibers that can’t relax. One can usually locate them by pressing on the muscle fibers with your fingers as trigger points often feel denser and tighter (or rope-like) compared to the rest of the body. Daniel J. Leizman, MD, a specialist in Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Pain Management, noted that trigger points are predominantly in the trapezius muscle. The trapezius muscle stretches from the base of the skull, down to the middle of the back and to the shoulder. Trigger points in the trapezius muscle are responsible for most tension headaches.

Inflammation or injury to any of the 14 nerves or 8 (pairs) of neck joints can cause neck pain. Approximately 70 percent of 65-year-olds may have symptomatic arthritis in one or more joints in their neck.

Did you know? The neck and shoulder are connected by multiple nerve pathways. At times, the brain can’t always trace pain back to the source. Example, a pain in the neck can actually be caused by a trigger point in the shoulder. This is known as referred pain.

You may have arthritis or nerve-related neck pain if pain:

  • Pain radiates towards the shoulder blade or back of the neck
  • Persistent stabbing, tingling or burning pain
  • Radiates past your elbow onto your hand

What can you do?

  • Massage the area to loosen the muscle fibers.
  • Identify what’s stressing out the muscle. Could it be poor posture? Sleeping on a flat pillow?  Dr. Leizman stated even mental stress can initiate trigger points.
  • Physical therapy and stretching can increase range of motion and strengthen the muscle fibers.
  • Give the body adequate rest so the muscle has the opportunity to relax and the body to heal itself.
  • Apply IcyHeat Noni Lotion to reduce inflammation in the muscle fibers.

How Noni can help your Pain in the Neck

Noni contains scopoletin. Studies have shown scopoletin to be a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Thanks to Steve Frailey, Hawaiian Organic Noni and Melody Toth, sports trainer at the University of Hawaii the power of noni and the heating/cooling of menthol camphor have been combined into two the IcyHeat Noni Lotion and the IcyHeat Sports Formula. Professional athletes have used these products before as a preventive and during muscle spasms/cramps. They have experienced much needed relief.

Noni Tip: Feeling a tension headache coming on? Try IcyHeat Noni Lotion on the back of the neck and a dab on the forehead!

Noni IcyHeat Saved Me

I suffer from chronic tension headaches. I’ve tried physical therapy, chiropractors, expensive medications, you name it. I read about the Noni IcyHeat Lotions and decided to give it a try. Immediately after a hot shower, I would dab the Noni Lotion on parts of my scalp that had the most pain as well as my forehead (be careful of your eyes) under my jaw, and the back of my neck. The lotion allowed me to go to sleep pain free. I would wake up pain free and able to go about my day. I do this procedure every time I have a headache. Each headache being less intense as the last. I’m hopeful that using the Noni IcyHeat Lotion in addition to my stretches, the knots in my scalp and neck will finally go away. Thank you for such an amazing and natural product!

-  Jazzy K.



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