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My whole family is AMAZED

We visited your farm in August of 2014. We bought some of ALL of your products.
Icy/Heat for sore muscles.
Noni lotion for general skin care.
Noni Leather as a supplement.
Bio bandage for pet Bulldog.
My wife and I truly feel that we DO FEEL better overall taking the leather.
Our Bulldog absolutely LOVES it and thinks it is a treat and Best of All he acts like a PUPPY again. Pretty amazing for a 6 yr old Bulldog.
Liver spots on my arms and hands have nearly disappeared, and my skin feels and looks much better now. My overall skin tone has gotten more even and healthy (I have quite FAIR skin).
The Noni lotion is put on by my wife and me just before we go to bed...We sleep wonderfully!
We've cut back on many other supplements that we were taking to help our overall health now that we have found NONI. Wonderful product with good results...Thank you!

-Mike Bailey


Gubby Loves The Noni Lotion

I just wanted to mention how that the Noni Lotion and the BioBandage have been used on my horse and the horses stabled here on the island. We've had great results using them. They are easy to apply and address many skin issues on our horses. The other thing that I love about the Noni products is that they are not, in any way, shape, or form, harmful to the environment. I can put it on my hands. If I ate it, it wouldn't harm me. As far as the Noni Lotion, I have had fantastic results. I have people ask me about my skin. I have lived in the sun all of my life, and the Noni lotion is working beautifully on helping my skin. Even takes some of the dark spots out!




I live in Huntington Beach, CA and we have a male English Bulldog we adopted 5 yrs ago. He came with All the typical problems that come with the breed. I have incorporated the NONI Fruit Leather as part of his daily diet, as well as using the lotion topically on the flare-ups on his paws and belly. It is now a Must-Have item in our house hold. Thank You for the Wonderful Product!!

-Nobu Stillwell


Improved cats health and well being

Here's what has happened with my cats: I have two cats who have not been well for the past couple of years: Leo and Sophie. I started Leo on Noni twice a day, along with his regular meds. I have noticed more vitality in his step, a mood lift and a better appetite. As for Sophie, she has always been a fragile little kitty, especially in balance, size and strength. She had also developed the habit of grooming her lower extremities constantly, due to stress from new cats in the household or the high number (6!) of fellow felines. It got to a point where I had to start putting dog jackets on her to hide her lack of fur (she' d licked it almost completely off!). Her appetite was also very low, most of the time. I wanted to give her both Noni lotion and fruit leather, so I applied the lotion twice a day and gave her half a strip, morning and night. Within 2-3 days her fur started appearing and by a week, she looked normal once again! She still licks, so I apply Noni once a day to those parts and other places where her fur is sparse. The most amazing thing is that even on the lower part of her belly where she'd not had fur since her sterilization 4 years ago, she now has the tiny beginnings of fur! I will continue to keep up with the Noni lotion. As for the fruit leather, I have noticed a definite increase in her appetite and a clearer state of mind - and much more energy than before! All six of my cats get Noni at least three times a week and all seem to look and feel a little more chipper than before! I am so thrilled with the results it has given to my kitties!



Excited to have found such a wonderful product

It's not often that I take the time to write a company about a product, but I am so excited about your Noni Lotion and what it has done for some of my horses and dogs. While my husband and I were in Hawaii, I purchased several bottles of your Noni Lotion. We have a ranch in Texas close to the Oklahoma border, with show horses, 15 Border Collies and a small herd of cattle. Oh, numerous barn cats, too! My horses suffer from severe skin irritations. So when I saw the list of uses for your Noni, it was certainly worth a try. We scrubbed the area clean and clipped the hair on the leg. Then applied the Noni consistently for 3 to 4 days, of course washing the leg first. It dried up! You have to tell more horse owners about your Noni Lotion. What a blessing to find such a soothing product. Everyday I am finding new ways to use Noni here. We now keep bottles at the barn all the time and use it regularly on any kind of skin problem and rub downs after working the horses. Anyway, we are excited to have found such a wonderful product and I can assure you every animal here is also. Thank you so much

-Ann Beck


Noni Fruit Leather

it's an amazing stuff! I couldn't believe how it works for my 15year old dog (terrier mix). My Hawaiian friend told me about noni product for her skin issues and I tried the noni lotion, it worked very well, so I became a believer of this noni product. To improve her quality of life, I tried noni fruit leather and she is a much happier dog. I fed her half of 2x2" daily because she weigh only 8 pounds.

-Dr. Fong


this stuff really works!

I was in the Lihue airport and I overheard another traveler talking about your Lavender Noni Lotion that they had just purchased at the newsstand. I ran back up and bought myself a bottle to take home. My dog has terrible skin irritations and I have tried everything with no success. I’ve been putting the Noni Lavender Lotion on the skin irritations for 3 days and am amazed at how much better they are already! I cancelled my appointment with the vet today as this stuff really works!



Itching and Scratching on Guinea Pig

Santa brought my granddaughter a guinea pig for Christmas. Nibbles kept trying to scratch his back by rolling over onto his back. The seller suggested giving strawberries as Vit C would help control the itching. That did not work!!! As NONI fruit is great for pets, my daughter applied Lavender NONI Lotion to the troubled area twice and needless to say, it worked managing the itching/scratching. The guinea pig is now happy and no more scratching or itching.
What a wonderful product!!!!!

-Mary Rizza


I am so glad that I found it, and so is my horse

I want to say what a fantastic product the Noni fruit leather is. I use it for various purposes for my horse, but I am especially excited about the Bio-Bandages. My horse had skin irritations. I tried like six different products. He was suffering, and nothing worked, until I thought, let me give this bio bandage a try. Three days, I scrubbed it really good, and then I dried it, and then I applied a good layer of the biobandage on. After three days he just had remnants of some scabbing and by the fourth day his tail looked perfectly healthy. I cannot say enough about the bio-bandage, and all the other products that the Noni produces. I am using it on my own skin. It is just an amazing product. And I am so glad that I found it, and so is my horse. I cannot say enough about this fantastic product. I am so glad it is available to us and our loved ones. Thank you.