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The 5 Most Photogenic Places on Kauai

By: Lola Frailey Friday June 5, 2015 comments Tags: free noni farm tour, Noni farm tour

Na Pali Coast

We at Hawaiian Organic Noni are truly blessed to call Kauai home. We’ve lived on the island since 1981, and we never stop being amazed by the beauty of the “garden island” of Hawaii.

Although there are more beautiful places on Kauai than anyone could possibly count, here are a few truly breathtaking areas that are amazing for photos. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just looking to take amazing pictures on your vacation, these spots won’t disappoint. 

Na Pali Coast

Na Pali Coast

This is Kauai’s most striking coastline, with steep, dramatic cliffs and intense remoteness. You’ll need a helicopter or boat tour to see the full effect, but you can see much of the beauty by land as well.

To get some amazing views and pictures, we recommend taking on a section of the Kalalau Trail (or the whole thing, if you’re very adventurous), which is the only land access to the area. Vehicles are totally prohibited.

Kanakapiai falls

Start at Ke’e Beach and take the Kalalau Trail. The first lookout, looking back at Ke’e Beach, is extremely beautiful and a great spot for a picture.

2 miles into the hike, you’ll get to Hanakapi’ai Beach. The beach itself is gorgeous and wild (too dangerous for swimming!), but you can also take a side trail to Hanakapi’ai Falls. The falls are amazingly photogenic, and the hike to the falls leads up through a lush tropical valley.  

Waimea Canyon

Wiamea Canyon

This beautiful, red-tinted gash in the land is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. In some ways, it’s even more strikingly beautiful than the Grand Canyon. At 10 miles wide and 3000 feet deep, it’s certainly an impressive site.

There are countless photo opportunities as you drive along the canyon rim. Different times of day light up the canyon in very different ways, so if you’re serious about getting some great shots, do your research beforehand.

One particularly stunning spot is Pu’u o Kila Lookout, where you can get a clear view of Kalalau Valley, the south most portion of the Na Pali Coast. 


There are tons of beautiful sites in and around Hanalei. It’s a beautiful, highly photographable area. The Hanalei Valley Overlook gives you an amazing overview of the area—a patchwork of lush farmland against dramatic mountains.

Then, descend down to the Hanalei Bay Beach Park. This is a truly gorgeous, half-moon-shaped beach, with white sands, crystalline water, and spectacular views.

Make sure to get a few shots of the Hanalei Pier. It’s been a Kauai landmark since it was first built in the late 1890s. Though the pier has seen several incarnations since then, it’s still an amazingly beautiful sight. In fact, the pier appears in the 1957 film South Pacific! Definitely worth seeing, admiring, and photographing.

Poipu Beach

 Poipu Beach is a beautiful place to swim and snorkel. It was ranked the best beach in America in 2001, and for good reason. The beach itself is amazingly photogenic, though sometimes a bit crowded.

The true photo opportunity lies on the south shore of Poipu, at Spouting Horn Beach Park. There’s an amazing natural blowhole there that spouts a plume of sea water high into the air as waves are forced under a lava shelf and out the blowhole. You might even spot a rainbow in the sea spray!

Make sure to grab a few amazing shots, but don’t get too close! The area is extremely dangerous. Don’t worry – the blowhole is big enough that you can get amazing shots from a safe distance. 

North Shore

Kilauea Point

The northwest shore of Kauai is our neck of the woods, and we happen to think it’s an amazingly beautiful part of the island.

Just a little bit north of us is the Kilauea Point Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can see many different species of birds, and sometimes whales and other wildlife. Kilauea Point is also home to a very photogenic lighthouse.

The point is a great place to get photos of Kauai’s beautiful northwest shore, but make sure to head south a bit to Kaakaaniu Plantation, where we grow noni and make our home.

The plantation and its surrounding areas are incredibly scenic. The best way to see the sights is to book a free tour of the farm. You’ll get to see all kinds of wildlife, plants, and amazing views. You’ll also get to learn all about noni fruit and its amazing health benefits.

Hope to see you soon!

We love Kauai and all the natural beauty it has to offer. Where are your favorite spots for photography on Kauai? Let us know in the comments!

Lola Frailey

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