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Top 10 Beauty Tips Using Hawaiian Organic Noni Lavender Lotion

By: Lola Frailey Tuesday May 26, 2015 comments Tags: natural skin care, noni for skin, natural antioxidants

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Since noni contains 165 beneficial compounds in its raw, unfermented form and has 110x the antioxidants as apples, it’s amazingly good at healing the skin. Our noni lotions are made of organic noni pulp, dried at a low heat to preserve the beneficial enzymes and compounds of the raw fruit. They’re water-based, and, in the case of our Noni Lavender Lotion, lightly scented with a soothing, natural scent.

Because of Noni Lavender Lotion’s ability to heal, and it’s soothing, luxurious quality, it’s a great beauty product. Many high-end spas here in Hawaii use our products, and you can too! Here are some of our top beauty tips and rituals using Hawaiian Organic Noni Lavender Lotion. Enjoy!

Acne Prevention and Treatment

Acne can have a variety of causes, but it’s commonly a reaction to inadequate skin moisture. When facial skin gets dried out, it produces more oils to compensate. This could be happening if you have acne with either very oily or very dry skin.

Although it seems counter-intuitive to apply lotion to skin with acne, it’s very important for a number of reasons. First, it adds moisture to the skin. Our Noni Lavender Lotion is water-based, not oil-based, so you hydrate your skin without adding extra oil.

You’re also putting the healing benefits of noni to work on your irritated, inflamed skin, helping it to heal quickly with less scarring.

How to use: Apply to your whole face and/or spot-treat acne 1-2 times per day.

Skin Discoloration

Skin discoloration, such as age-spots, are often caused by sun damage. Used over time, noni can help to heal that damage, allowing new, clear skin to emerge.

How to use: Apply to discolored area once or twice per day. Most people respond in 2-6 weeks

Treatment of Chronic Skin Conditions: Rosacea, Keratosis Pilaris, Eczema, Psoriasis

Over time, noni lotion has the power to help address these chronic skin conditions from the outside in. If you’re looking for an all-natural treatment that will achieve serious results, give Noni Lavender Lotion a try. It can alleviate inflammation, relieve pain, and soothe irritated skin.

Learn more here!

How to use:  Apply daily to the affected area, up to several times per day. You’ll feel some immediate relief, and over time, you can see long-term results.

Overnight Face Mask

You can get even more benefits by leaving noni lotion on your face overnight. This gives all those beneficial compounds time to really sink in and make an impact. You’ll wake up with fresher, revitalized skin.

How to use: Either the Noni Lavender Lotion or the Noni Bio Bandage can make a great mask. The Noni Lavender Lotion will be a thinner mask, and the Noni Bio Bandage will be thicker. Either way, spread a thin even coat on your clean face. Let it dry completely, and leave in place overnight, or for as long as you’d like. We recommend doing this about once per month, or more frequently if you desire.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Noni helps add collagen back into your skin, giving you a more youthful appearance. It’s a great, all-natural treatment for wrinkles. Over time, the results can be amazing.

Our friend Noni Bob has been doing Demos for us applying our lotions to Tourist for over 15 years in Honolulu. He became our first experiment on the anti-aging properties of noni applied topically. He notice that in 30 days of applying our Noni Lavender Lotion to his right arm, his age spots disappeared, his skin was soft and smooth plus the wrinkles began to fade away. In doing the Demos, he applied noni to one arm and not the other. The difference is astonishing.

How to use: Apply to the whole face, neck, and other areas of concern 1-2 times per day. Around the eyes, mouth and other highly impacted areas, you may want to leave a thicker coat of lotion on your skin for several minutes before rubbing it in.

Hand Treatment

Your hands can be one of the first areas to show aging. There’s very little fat on the backs of your hands, so when collagen begins to break down, there’s very little buffer. Treatments that increase collagen, moisturize the skin, and improve skin tone can make a big difference. Noni Lavender Lotion is a great option.

How to use: Apply a thick coat of noni lotion to damp hands, giving them a good massage for about 30 seconds.  Relax your hands, and let the lotion sink in for up to several minutes. You can rinse off the excess, or rub it on another part of your body.


When dead skin cells build up on the surface of your skin, several things happen. First, your skin’s appearance is visually impacted, appearing more dull and less vibrant. In addition, you form a layer that can trap oils under the surface of the skin, causing enlarged pores and acne.

It’s very important to frequently use a gentle, all-natural exfoliant like Noni Lavender Lotion to clear away dead skin.

How to use: Rub into your skin until the lotion goes dry. You’ll notice little balls forming on your skin. That’s the lotion getting to work exfoliating! We recommend exfoliating with noni once per week.

Foot Calluses

Foot calluses are very common, but fortunately, they can easily be treated. Calluses form when a part of your foot sustains a lot more pressure or friction on a regular basis. It’s your skin’s way of toughening up.

Having a little bit of callus isn’t a bad thing—it can prevent blistering. But they can easily become very unsightly, and even painful. It’s a good idea to treat them regularly to keep them from getting out of hand.

How to use: Soak your foot in warm water for about 20 minutes. Then scrub the callused area with a brush or pumice stone. You may also use the Noni Lavender Lotion as an exfoliant by applying and rubbing into the callused area until it balls up. Then rinse off with water. Apply another coat of Noni Lavender Lotion liberally, then trap in the moisture by wearing cotton socks for a few hours. 

Scalp Treatment

Don’t forget – your scalp is skin too! And just like the skin on your face or anywhere else, it needs some maintenance. Your scalp can get dry and flaky if it’s not properly moisturized. Just like with the skin on your face, getting dried out can actually cause oil to build up and clog your hair follicles.

Noni lotion is a great scalp treatment, which can rehydrate the scalp, clear away oil build-up, and even prevent hair loss.

How to use: Apply to your scalp with a cotton ball or your fingers. The best way to do this is to start in the middle and make little parts, one at a time, about one inch apart. Apply the lotion to the parts until your whole scalp has a light coat of lotion. Then spend several minutes massaging the lotion into your scalp. Let the lotion sit on your skin for about 20 minutes before washing it out. Do this about once per month.

Hair Mask

Noni is great for your hair as well! Many hair products and hair masks on the market today contain tiny amounts of noni extract, but you can get a much better effect from raw noni pulp, which is what our Noni Lavender Lotion is made of.

How to use: Apply to damp hair until all your hair is coated lightly. Wrap up your hair in an old towel or even in plastic wrap. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes, and then rinse out thoroughly.

Do you have any other noni beauty secrets or beauty rituals? Let us know in the comments!

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