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Say aloha to plant-powered healing.

Hawaiian Organic Superfood

Trusted in Polynesian cultures for centuries, Raw Noni is one of nature's most abundant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant sources, giving the body what it needs to heal, renew, and thrive.

Potent, natural nourishment
for feeling your best.

Potent, natural
nourishment for
feeling your best.


Our Noni Fruit Leather

Noni in its most
powerful form.

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14x More Potent Than Noni Juice

No one else uses raw, unfermented noni pulp like we do.

We perfected our low heat dehydration process through years of research, specifically to keep all the beneficial compounds of Noni intact. Independent lab research has shown our Noni Fruit Leather to be 14x more potent than Noni Juice. In its raw form, you'll get an abundance of benefits from just a small piece daily.

One Superfood

Endless benefits.

Rooted in Hawaiʻi

From Kauaʻi
with love

As a certified organic, family-run farm, our Noni goes directly from us to you—with love.

After discovering Noni on our land over 40 years ago, it's been our mission—and passion—to preserve its potency and share its power with you. We are meticulous during every step of the process, from picking to shipping, to ensure you're getting the best of the best.

The Power of Noni

Bottom line: my skin has never in the past 12 years of my life looked as amazing as it does now.

Elisha G.

Sciatica has plagued both my husband and I for over 6 months now. Noni is the only lotion that will give us a good night sleep. Thank you so very much!

Elfi S.

I am employed by the fitness industry and have chronic foot and knee issues. This admitted skeptic is amazed at the results I have had with this product.


If anyone is suffering from a skin irritation, leave the aloe on the shelf and grab a bottle of this, it's unbelievable how well it works, I'm sold.

Boomer S.

The Noni Fruit Leather dramatically improved my 10 year old dog's mobility and energy. He's back to running up and down stairs, twice daily walks. He gobbles the noni leather like a treat!

Jim A.

I just bought Noni Fruit Leather, and I already feel better: my digestion has improved, and it has helped with bowel movements. I am a believer!


My husband has arthritic knees and back, and has found that your lotion gives the best topical pain relief of any product.

Linda C.

I've been taking the Noni Fruit Leather for 2 months. I have more energy, I'm sleeping better and my doctor agreed my inflammation concerns have substantially improved.

Parker C.

I have been suffering from chronic nerve pain due to major surgery to my left ankle. The Pain Relief Noni Lotion has been a god send.

Maggie W.

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Experience the Farm

Get up close and personal with our favorite superfood on a complimentary tour of our family farm. Taste and experience our Organic Noni—and learn how you can implement our organic practices into your own home garden.

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