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Our Mission

To protect the land, honor tradition, and help people feel their best

A Note

From Our ʻOhana to You

Say aloha to the best way to experience the true benefits of Hawaiian Noni: raw, unfermented, and 100% organic. From our family farm to you, our lineup of products are free of toxins, full of antioxidants, and 14x more potent than Noni juice.

Trusted in Polynesian cultures for centuries, raw Noni is one of nature's most abundant anti-inflammatory & antioxidant sources, giving the body what it needs to heal, renew and thrive.

The key is not destroying those super powers inherent in raw Noni. It took us years of research, growing, and testing to understand how to preserve raw Noni for maximum health benefits...but we did it.

Through a specialized phytonutrient low-heat stabilization process, we are able to preserve the potency of raw Noni, specifically to keep all the beneficial compounds of Noni intact.

We are excited you are here bringing the power of Noni into your life. Your new, natural wellness ritual awaits.

Meet Our ʻOhana

Our Noni Family

We’re family. We’re Noni-obsessed. And we’re dedicated to sharing the magic of this fruit with you.

Organic Pioneers. Farmers.
Steve & Richele, Founders

Moving from California to Kauaʻi over 40 years ago—Steve and Richele stayed true to their guiding practices; growing clean organic food and protecting the land. Being vegetarians for 49 years and organic farmers since the 60’s growing Noni, one of Hawaii's principal medicinal plants became a passion. When Steve's not mowing, mulching, or growing happy, healthy Noni trees alongside his son and daughters, he's rooting on his favorite college sports teams and spending time with his family. Although Richele is no longer out pruning trees or answering the phones, she's focused on making everyone's job a little easier—from bringing smoothies to the Noni processing team, making local deliveries, and editing the Noni newsletter.

World Traveler.
Customer Care

Being the first born child of Steve and Richele, Lola was introduced to organic farming from day one. From helping plant the original noni orchards in her famous “blue booties” to now overseeing our daily business operations. But, before returning to Kauai and joining the family business, Lola set off to see the world. Once she graduated from the University of Hawaii, Lola pursued a career in business management which took her halfway across the world to Europe. After experiencing many countries and cultures during her adventures abroad—Lola knew it was time to return to her roots. Today, Lola spearheads our business operations and customer experience. Lola has a passion for sharing the power of noni with customers from around the world. When she’s not sharing all-things Noni, she’s kicking off her day with a five-mile morning run, exploring healthy food recipes, or planning her next adventure abroad.

Outdoor Adventurist. Veggie Juice Lover.
Creative Director

Having chased after beautiful moments all her life, it was no surprise that after Fawne’s training at Brooks Institute of Photography, she returned home to Hawai'i and built a career and life around capturing all that Hawai'i has to offer. When she’s not photographing magical moments on the Noni farm, she’s taking a dip in the ocean, playing music, or is on a sunrise/sunset adventure. To stay inspired, Fawne enjoys playing her harmonium, camping in the mountains, and exploring intentionally designed spaces.

Workout Wizard. Plant Lover.

Like his parents, Lucas shares a passion for organic farming and plant life. His fascination with living off the land led him to cultivate our valley with native Hawaiian plants and an abundance of tropical fruit trees. Thanks to him our Noni Ohana gets to enjoy seasonal fruits such as longan, lychee, avocado, mango, banana and macadamia nuts. Growing up, Lucas was Steve’s right-hand man helping dad expand the farm and start up the family business. He helped build our processing facility, aka The Noni Kitchen, formulated new products and traveled to trade shows to introduce Noni Fruit Leather to the health world. Today, when he’s not helping Steve with the latest farm project he can be found working on his fitness, cooking up homemade burritos or delving into the world of botany.

Nature Enthusiast. Shama Bird Whisperer.
Dylan, Head of Production

Born and raised in Haʻena, Kauaʻi, Dylan grew up eating our favorite superfood: Noni. With an early introduction to Noni from his father, Dylan was left with an inherent appreciation and knowledge surrounding this special fruit. Recognizing this, Steve knew this young man would be a great addition for the Noni team. Over the years, Dylan has helped fill many roles for the Noni ʻOhana—from befriending shama birds and planting Noni trees to managing production and assisting with farm tours. When Dylan’s not fulfilling product orders and helping share Noni with the world, he can be found on the soccer pitch as the captain of the Hanalei Soccer Team, surfing, hiking, or playing video games.

Who We Are

Protectors of Noni

Nothing is more special to us than the traditional use of this ancient health wonder. Protecting the land and this practice has not only influenced how we make our products—but in how we live life, too.

Holistic Care Advocates

We’re firm believers that you are what you eat, and you are what you think. Noni is just one piece of the puzzle to living a whole life filled with vitality and health.

Trusted Family

We started as a family farm, but this hospitality is no different when it comes to the relationships we have with our farm team, our customers, and anyone who steps foot on our organic farm.

Our Journey with Noni

When It All Began

Husband and wife duo Steve and Richele Frailey said goodbye to their organic farm in California, moved to Kauaʻi to start the next chapter in their lives.

Exploration, Researching & Testing

In learning about Noni, we grew determined to honor and preserve the traditional uses and share them with others. As a family, we developed new roads, water wells, solar and wind systems for energy, and a USDA-certified organic food processing facility, nicknamed The Noni Kitchen.

Our First Product: Noni Fruit Leather

Our commitment finally came to life after developing a specialized phytonutrient stabilization process using low heat dehydration to maintain the potency of raw, unfermented noni fruit and create our original Noni Fruit Leather. Real Noni was officially founded.

Noni For All
2002 to Now

Our product line quickly expanded into lotions, Noni products for pets, and fast-acting pain relief solutions. Lab tests showed our Noni Fruit Leather to be 14x more potent than Noni juice—and that’s when we knew we were onto something.

Our team expanded, we grew our farm from 23 to 70 acres and even started offering farm tours to help educate more people about Noni and our organic farming methods. Every day, we make it our mission to share the power of Noni and the importance of holistic health with even more people around the world.

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