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Noni Health Terms

noni fruit leather


Traditionally, noni fruit was eaten raw, like a ripe plum or tomato, and that’s the tradition we adhere to here at Hawaiian Organic Noni. We spent years developing our slow dehydration process that preserves all the beneficial vitamins, minerals, and enzymes found in the raw noni pulp, in the form of a raw Noni Fruit Leather  that is non-fermented and has a 2 yr shelf life not refrigerated. Our Noni Fruit Leather is raw food that feeds the cells of the body. 

Why are we so committed to raw noni pulp? First, because that’s what’s supported by thousands of years of traditional use! Secondly, it’s scientifically proven that our solution is more potent.

We sent samples of our Noni Fruit Leather and a leading brand of noni juice to an independent lab, where they verified that our Noni Fruit Leather is 14x more potent. We believe this is due to the following problems with the process of making noni juice:

  • Fermentation: Creates alcohol which destroys all the enzymes and degrades the remaining beneficial compounds
  • Pasteurization: Heat destroys enzymes, natural antioxidants, and other beneficial micronutrients
  • Dilution: Fermented noni tastes unpleasant, so it’s usually masked with fruit juice or sugar

You can learn more about the problems with noni juice by clicking here, and read about reasons to switch to raw noni here!