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How to Create an Account

The wait is finally over! Our beautiful rebrand of our Noni farm and new website have finally launched. We hope you love it as much as we do.

We have created this guide to walk you through step by step of how to create a customer account on our new website. We promise it’s easy.

Step 1 

Everyone will need to create a new customer account. Your previous customer logins will no longer work. To get started please visit our "Create an Account" page by clicking here

Step 2 

On the “Create an Account” page complete all the input fields with your first name, last name, email and what you want your new password to be. Then click the green “Create” button. 

real noni creating a new customer account

Step 3

You will then receive the message  “We have sent an email to “your email address” please click the link included to verify your email address.”

Step 4

Go to your email inbox and find the email from Real Noni titled “Customer account activation”. Please note you may have to look in your spam, junk or promotion folders to find the email if it’s not in your immediate email inbox.

Step 5

Open the email and click the green “Activate your account” button.

This will successfully activate your noni account and take you back to our website to “Your Account”  page. 

activate your account with real noni

Step 6

Below “Your Account” you will see “Account Details.” Click the “dropdown arrow” to the right of “Account Details.”

Here you will see:

Order History Your order history will be empty until you place your first order on our new website.

View Addresses You may click to input your address although this is not necessary, you can input your address at checkout when you place your first order.

Logout Click to logout of your account.

That’s it. You are now all set. Have fun taking a journey across our new website and seeing all of the noni goodness.

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