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How to Cut up the Noni Fruit Leather

We are excited you are bringing the power of noni into your life. 

Here are our best tips for how to best cut up your packet of Noni Fruit Leather. 

Step 1: Open the package and remove the folded Noni Fruit Leather sheet from the packet. Unfold the fruit leather sheet completely.

Step 2: You will see eight large rectangles that are the size of the original packet fold. Simply cut along the fold lines to detach/separate the eight large rectangles.

Step 3: Take one of the large rectangles and cut it in half and then cut those halves in half again. You will then end up with 4 pieces that are approx 2x2. Repeat this for the remaining seven rectangles. When complete you should have 32 pieces that are approx 2x2.

Step 4: Return the daily servings you've just cut back to the packet for easy storing.

Enjoy one 2x2 serving daily for basic maintenance and between two to four 2x2 servings for more persistent conditions. 

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