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Noni Articles

Below are links to pdf articles about our organic noni products that have been published in The Doctors' Prescription for Healthy Living Magazine.

Hammer Aging with Noni Fruit Leather Antioxidant Power

Why We Love to Rub Noni on Our Bodies

Raw Food Noni, Nature's Escape from Pain

Prevent Unwanted Age Spots with Noni

World Meet Raw Food Noni

Noni a Nutritional Superstar with Positive Scientific Results

Noni's Amazing Pain-Believing Benefits for Active People 

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Sally Aguilar

Along with family and friends, we visited the Noni farm, participated in two tours, and bought Noni Leather and other products during the month of March 2023. Noni was new to us and seemed too good to be true. In May 2023, after taking Noni Leather for two months, I went for a follow up blood test. The results blew me away! Glucose was down to 89 from 106 and A1C down to 5.3 from 5.8 in January 2023. This is REAL Noni! Mahalo and many continued blessings to you and yours. We will definitely be back to see you again :-)

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