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Noni Holiday Gift Guide

We are here to help you give the gift of health this holiday season. Your Noni gift guide is here! Suggestions for everyone on your list.

noni lotion minis

Noni Lotion Minis

Perfect gift set
Set contains two easy to use 2 oz. bottles

Available in 3 combinations:
2 Lavender
2 IcyHeat 
1 Lavender & 1 IcyHeat 

Shop Noni Lotion Mini Sets


New to Noni Kits

Kickstart the journey toward a healthier 2023 with noni. Available in two combinations:

Noni Pain Relief Kit

New to Noni Pain Relief Kit

  • Noni Fruit Leather 2oz
  • Pain Relief Noni Lotion 4oz
  • Soothing Noni Lotion sample size packet

Noni Skin Relief Kit

New to Noni Skin Relief Kit

  • Noni Fruit Leather 2oz
  • Soothing Noni Lotion 4oz
  • Pain Relief Noni Lotion sample size packet

Shop Noni Kits

rapid pain relief noni lotion

Rapid Pain Relief Noni Lotion

Our fastest acting pain relief formula 

For those with persistent chronic pain in their joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons or nerves

For the fitness & workout fan

Shop IcyHeat Max



noni honey

Noni Honey

For friends who are foodies with a fondness for sweets

Tropical, delicious and delightful

100% Pure, raw and unpasteurized
Sweet nectar from our noni farm bees  

Shop Noni Honey


Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and healthy holiday season!



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Noni Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of health this holiday season. Your noni gift guide is here! Suggestions for everyone on your list. Shop today.

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