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Real Noni New Look vs Old Look

All of our products are now wrapped in beautiful new packaging, labels and many have new names.

One of our big goals with our rebrand was not only to create a beautiful new look, but also to help clear up any confusion with our product names and what each product is most beneficial for.

Our Noni Fruit Leather now lives in a lovely kraft pouch with a zipper - yes it's resealable!

We have all new amber colored bottles and jars for our Noni lotions and Noni bandage that create a lovely cohesive family of products that not only look beautiful for your enjoyment, but make it easy for you to distinguish the best use of each product.  

While many things are new - the one important thing that has remained the same is our product formulas. So rest assured, you are getting the same Noni goodness, just now wrapped in so much beauty. We can’t wait for you to hold them in your hands and enjoy them soon. 

Here’s our guide to help you get accustomed to each product’s “old look” and their “new look.”

noni fruit leather is full of rich antioxidants for better health

New Look

Noni Fruit Leather

A powerful superfood made from 100% pure, organic noni—one of nature’s most abundant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant sources.

hawaiian organic noni old look 

Old Look

Noni Fruit Leather


soothing lavender noni lotion for skin

New Look

Soothing Noni Lotion with Lavender

Made with raw, organic Hawaiian Noni and Lavender Oil, this lotion is the ultimate superfood formula for your skin. 

lavender noni lotion old look

Old Look

Lavender Noni Lotion  


pain relief noni lotion for pain

New Look

Pain Relief Noni Lotion 

Made with raw, organic Hawaiian Noni, Menthol and Camphor, this powerful formula goes deep within the skin to deliver natural, targeted pain relief, right where you need it most.

icy heat noni lotion for pain relief now

Old Look 

IcyHeat Noni Lotion 


rapid pain relief noni lotion for fast acting pain relief now

New Look 

Rapid Pain Relief Noni Lotion

Made with raw, organic Hawaiian Noni and our strongest concentration of Menthol and Camphor, this formula is our fastest acting pain and inflammation relief lotion. 

Sports IcyHeat Noni Lotion for fast acting pain relief

Old Look

Sports Formula 


restorative noni bandage for skin conditions

New Look 

Restorative Noni Bandage 

Experience the power of raw organic Noni fruit pulp, organic aloe, and organic rosemary oil in a nourishing salve to help restore and rejuvenate your distressed skin.

bio bandage noni

Old Look

Noni Bio Bandage 


noni fruit leather for your pet

New Look

Noni Fruit Leather - For Pets

Say aloha to the best way to give your pet all the benefits Hawaiian Noni has to offer. 100% pure, organic, and natural, our Noni Fruit Leather is free of toxins, full of antioxidants, and 14x more potent than Noni juice. Help your bestie feel their best. 

noni fruit leather for pets

Old Look

Noni Fruit Leather - For Pets 



soothing noni lotion for pets skin conditions

New Look 

Soothing Noni Lotion - For Pets

Raw, organic Hawaiian Noni and Lavender Oil combine to create a soothing topical for your furry friend’s skin irritations, sore muscles, cramps, stiffness, and swelling. 

soothing noni lotion for pets

Old Look

Lavender Noni Lotion - For Pets


restorative noni bandage for pets skin conditions

New Look 

Restorative Noni Bandage - For Pets

Experience the power organic Noni, organic aloe, and organic rosemary oil into a nourishing salve to help restore and rejuvenate your pet’s distressed skin, paws and hooves.

 Bio Bandage for pets

Old Look

Noni Bio Bandage - For Pets 



Thank you for all your love and support over the years, we are so very greatly for each and every one of you. You are why we keep doing what we do. 

See you on the new website and hopefully the farm soon! 



Grant Ikola

I got rid of my Physical Therapist; my PT is now get it. God Bless This Company.

Betsy McGuire

The new packaging is wonderful. I’ve been using your products for years and love everything. I had the pleasure of touring the farm several years ago and hope to return one day. Thank you!

Tiana K

I love the new branding! I’ve been using these products for over 10 years and they are essentials in my body care/medicine cabinet. I am excited that now the new look will add some beautiful colors into the mix!

Clarice Korrison

Packaging looks very good. I tell everyone to look you up on the web. Hope to someday come back to see the farm again. Regard, Clarice from NZ

Tsutomu Imamura

Really like the new looks of the products. Should be easy to identify products because the colors are the same as the old. Have been using products for over 4 years. Visited the farm this past October.

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