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What is the best way to take Noni Fruit Leather?

The simplest way to consume the Noni Fruit Leather is to tear off a 2” x 2” square and allow it to dissolve in your mouth. It might be a little sour and tart, but it sure is powerful—trust us on this one. Here’s some other ways to enjoy pure Noni and to reap its nourishing benefits.

  • Tear, Roll & Swallow: Tear the 2” x 2” piece into smaller pieces, roll those into small balls or capsules and swallow whole.
  • Blend It & Swirl It: Dissolve a piece of Noni Fruit Leather into your favorite juice, warm tea, or blend it up in a smoothie.

How long will one 2 oz packet of Noni Fruit Leather last?

This will depend on how many 2” x 2” servings you are consuming daily.

One 2 oz package of Noni Fruit Leather lasts:

  • 1 piece per day= 32 day supply
  • 2 pieces per day= 16 day supply
  • 4 pieces per day= 8 day supply

What is the difference between the Pain Relief Noni Lotion IcyHeat and the Rapid Pain Relief Noni Lotion IcyHeat MAX?

The IcyHeat MAX formula has a stronger concentration of Camphor and Menthol for even quicker pain relief and healing. IcyHeat MAX is our fastest acting pain relief lotion.

I get brown balls on my hand when I apply and rub the lotions in. Why does this happen?

When applying our Noni Lotions simply apply, rub back and forth 3 to 4 times and let air dry. Noni is a great natural exfoliant so if you continue massaging, balls will form from natural exfoliation. 

If you wish to cleanse or exfoliate the skin please only use our Soothing Noni Lotion with Lavender.

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